Cloud Service

Dell EMC FlexPod HPE Nutanix Container as a Service

New alternative for IT business

INET Cloud relies on the ideal safety standard via high-speed internet network and MetroLAN that link with the business buildings to continue your business smoothly and connect to the internet quickly and efficiently. INET Cloud utilizes the excellent hardware equipment and is managed by the skillful staff who is qualified with VMware Certificate.

Why INET Cloud?

  • INET Cloud supports all business sizes, from SMEs to the enterprise.
  • INET Cloud relies on the large backbone, INET infrastructure, to delivers data quickly and support the resources access.
  • 3 INET Cloud centers with the backup network to make you confident in the usage and to select it as the Disaster Recovery (DR).
  • Quality insurance with Service Level Agreement (SLA) Uptime 99.90%.
  • Service quality is certified with ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 Cloud Service Management.
  • CSA STAR Certificate from ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the entire IT security system by INET Cloud.


  • Economize : Save cost of IT by altering the high investment at once to the monthly expenses and reducing the cost of IT team hiring.
  • Active : Shorten the time to purchase hardware and network equipment, save time to install the new server system and have the management system via Web Portal that assists you to manage the resources from anywhere via internet.
  • Flexible : Increase/decrease the resources conveniently and quickly as appropriate.
  • Secure : Be confident in security and control Cloud IT system safety according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.


Virtual Machine as a Service

The high performance Virtual Machine (Cloud Server) is very practical to identify and manage the resources. The security system prevents VM from any hazardous software and simplify the management of IT resources conveniently and efficiently.


Backup as a Service

Backup service on Cloud where the data can be retrieved quickly to increase data backup efficiency by selecting the backup option as desired to allow tasks continuity and prevent the possible emergency that may damage the business.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

The more importance of IT system, the more Disaster Recovery system is significant to the organization because the disaster or the loss of stored data can happen unexpectedly. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers the backup site on Cloud, which is very crucial for the organization that utilizes IT system to prevent the loss of data after the disaster to continue the business with the least damage. The service is appropriate for the organization which the top priority is the stability of data and the backup system.


Database as a Service

The server that is suitable for database management, particularly on Cloud, is under the care of the proficient staff 24-hour from the step of design to implementation, troubleshoot, upgrade, and monitoring to make sure the efficiency and availability of the system.


Cloud Storage that allows the rapid and accurate data access can be used with the current technologies very well. INETS3 cooperates with NetApp, the leader of storage service, to enhance the system to ensure the standard and reliability of the system

Hybrid Cloud

Technology to bring out the strengths of the public and private Cloud that finally becomes the flexible Cloud solution so the service user benefits from the components of both systems. The key data will be used within the client?s data center or on the private cloud while the IT structure can be utilized with public cloud at INET.

SAP HANA as a Services

HANA as a Service on HPE platform supports SAP with the international quality. Together with the management services, the client starts the service and customizes the specification bases on the business growth to facilitate its liquidity and catch up with the rapid changes of the digital business world.

Web Hosting

A hosting service with high security system as the dedicate server has the flexible design and supports the high workload of the webs that requires the efficient stability.