Network Connectivity

The service to connect the network to central infrastructure that is allocated systematically to reduce IT risk to the service user. It is controlled from the center via the high quality network to connect with the internet through the cycle and modern technologies.


eMeeting for the efficient online meeting
With the multi-functions qualifications and the complete features, the service allows the sharing of real time presentation and other information so the meeting can be anywhere at any time conveniently and efficiently.

INET Cloud Connect

Upgrade the network connection and central control system
INET Cloud Connect, which is controlled from the main center, links the networks from different locations to the central infrastructure covering the internet / intranet / security / Cloud / IDC to reduce IT risks of the user.


Leased Line
The line connecting within and outside Thailand via the huge cycle at the minimum speed 64 Kbps using the hi-tech technologies, such as TDM, MPLS, G.SHD SL, and Frame Relay. Leased line structure supports the inclusive solutions such as security, VoIP and VDO Conference, and is friendly to the leading line network service providers. With this service, data can be searched or delivered within and outside the country around the clock via the flexible and adjustable features to suit the practical use of each organization.


The highest security for e-Commerce
INET SSL Certificates by GlobalSign sets the highest security standard and confidence to e-commerce business as well as the business that delivers important data by SSL Encryption 256 bytes and the strict password. By displaying GlobalSign Secure Site Steal logo on the website, it assures that the user uses the website safely without the fraud or forgery. For this reason, INET SSL Certificates by GlobalSign is the acceptable security standard by the million websites worldwide.

INET Load Balance

The simplicity of system management to minimize the unnecessary expenses
Load Balance is the operation system as Software as a service distributing the tasks or dealing with the complaints which requires more than 2 devices. The system puts the jobs in order which results in more efficiency and prevents and resolves the link down problem by distributing the tasks to another location with the backup independently.